Open registration for Fall 2023 classes begin on Wednesday, June 28!

欢迎来到 日博体育app's 继续教育 Department. 我们提供各种各样的 of programs 和 courses for noncredit that are tuition-free, moderately priced fee-based classes, 和 affordable comprehensive online courses. 看看哪些选项适合你!

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Apprenticeship Readiness Program now at 日博体育app!!  

The program utilizes the Multi-craft Core Curriculum (MC3) . 这个项目为你提供 an introduction to the tools of the trades, builds up your math 技能, helps you 学习如何安全工作等等.   

下一个学徒准备计划 cohort will take place February 21, 2023 through May 24, 2023. 课程将会见面 周二和周三下午5点到9点.m. 星期六早上8点开始.m.–4:30 p.m. 完整的 the application 和 you will be informed of next steps within two business days. Application for Apprenticeship Readiness Program



完整的 your certificate for FREE in just 8 weeks!

This certificate provides participants with the necessary tools
和 技能 needed to suceed in the property management industry

In partnership with the San Diego Housing Federation,
all participants will work directly with mentors from the


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SWC在乎 provides a wide variety of support 和 services for students, including food, financial aid assistance, personal wellness resources 和 more. 要了解更多信息, 访问 SWC在乎.

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看一下 英语作为第二语言(ESL) program, to find more about ESl placement 和 other certificates

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Our courses have no transcripts or grades; many are tuition-free, while other offerings 收取象征性费用. We encourage you to review our 继续教育 Class Schedules to see which course or program is right for you.





Seeking a new job or want to advance where you are? 我们提供职业证书课程 designed to help you keep up with industry trends such as Tax Preparation/Income Tax Certificate, Infant, Child 和 Adolescent Development Certificate 和 Customer Service. You may also be interested in job 技能 courses like Introduction to Computers, Stepping Stones to Success in the Workplace, CPR, 和 OSHA to help improve your professional 技能.



个人兴趣 & 专业发展


个人兴趣 和 专业发展 courses are designed to enhance your life 和 offer the opportunity to explore new interests. 我们提供的课程有 Make Extra Wholesale Auto Dealer from 首页, Podcasting for Profit, 首页 Visitation Monitor Training, Making the Most of 社会 Security 和 more. 这些课程是短期的, not-for-credit, fee-based classes providing opportunities to exp和 your horizons.

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大学和职业准备 programs help students upgrade their fundamental 技能 in reading, math, 和/or 英语-as-a-Second language for college 和/or the workforce.

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终身学习 courses are designed to offer the opportunity to explore new interests, sharpen your mind, or build friendships with peers with classes like Art Therapy, Music, Tai Chi, Body Dynamics 和 Aging, Lamaze 和 more.



商务定制培训 & 行业

We collaborate with our community businesses 和 organizations to provide affordable 为员工团队定制培训. 我们提供各种各样的教学 locations to accommodate to the needs of our partners.


继续教育 offers a variety of enrichment activities for students K-12 through our 继续教育 Department designed to empower 和 develop our community’s 青年支持他们的学术之旅. Y.E.S. 学院是一个暑期项目 elementary (beginning at 4th grade), middle, 和 high school students. 课程的重点 on a variety of topics, 和 provide h和s-on experiences that are challenging, fund 和迷人的. The program strives for students to learn 和 grow in a college environment.





日博体育app 继续教育 Department is undeniably the best when it comes to teaching ‘Customer Service Superior Service Series’ courses. 教练 罗萨斯的演讲非常精彩. He was able to guide 和 give me the tools to enhance 我在这个领域的知识. 这是一次奇妙的经历! 我真心推荐你去 这些课程.” 

罗莎一. Yzabal



"The Noncredit ESL courses, taught by Professor Stuardo at 日博体育app, have not only helped me underst和 和 speak 英语 better, but they have also helped 我生活的方方面面. Before taking Noncredit ESL courses, I did not have the 说英语的自信. Now, I can easily communicate with others both in my personal, professional 和 educational life—thank you 继续教育."




"I must tell you, the OSHA 30 in Continuing Ed has been a great class for me – I have learned valuable information which I will be able to apply to my current jobs. 和 last but not least I will getting a 30 Hours OSHA General 行业 St和ard Card, 还有一张证书. I recommend the OSHA 30 hour General 行业 course to supervisory 非管理人员."






We are here to support each of our student’s needs. 在Cranium caf上通过find进行实时聊天 下面是一位在线工作人员. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 虚拟欢迎中心. Our student service specialists have their hours of availability listed on their 档案卡. If a team member's hours are not reflective of their availability, 他们可能会资助另一个学生. 我们让每个学生都有个性 他们应该得到关注和时间. 谢谢您的耐心等待.